About GF Marine USA

GF Marine USA, is a premier stocking distributor, sales representative and a specialized service provider to the marine industry in the USA specialty pipe system manufacturers.

Our Mission

We have been serving the Cruise-Line and Marine industry for nearly 40 years. Our unsurpassed professionalism and unparalleled provision of service has made us a preferred choice of many cruise lines and pipe system customers. Our mission is to respond immediately to your needs and work diligently to provide you with top-quality service. We are here to assist you every day of the week to ensure that you receive the products you need WHEN you need them.

We are dedicated to our industry and we appreciate the affiliation we share with long-term, loyal customers, manufacturers, and vendors. With over 40 years in business and the very finest quality products available, GF Marine USA offers service that is second to none, along with highly competitive pricing. Most products are available from domestic or high quality import manufacturers to help meet your quality expectations and cost objectives. With our warehouses in Miami / Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Cape Canaveral, Florida; and Southern California, we are committed to providing excellent response times and prompt attention to your needs.

GF Piping Systems - Marine

Learn more about sustainable water solutions for marine from GF Piping Systems by visiting the Marine market segment page on gfps.com. We are a full solution provider for Offshore Energy, Merchants, Cruises & Ferries, and many other marine related sub-markets.